Thursday, December 3, 2009

Landing the Fire Bet

Always bet on the fire. It hits at least every other time.

Topics on the day include balls to the dome, Big 6 strategy, a longtime listener stops by, didgeridoo Christmas, PBJ level 1, and 7-11 ehh fail.

Would you have a three way with Tayor Swift and Cowboy Troy?

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  1. I was about to dust off a spot in the podcast hall of shame next to chimney and tj but I think you guys are starting to ease into it. The movie theater #12 was funny. Sorry for my luck every damn time I go to see a movie it is guaranteed that I will get one of the following assholes next to me. The talker, the sick cougher(that one will always be right behind me), The old folks yelling a play by play with no idea what’s going on, the noisy children at an R rated film and the newest lowlife the idiot constantly on the text/email etc... Last trip to the movies with my wife I was giving the evil eye to one of these assholes with a bright iphone but this guy wouldn’t turn it off until I gave him a swift kick in the back of his chair sfyl maybe he will be a little more considerate next time.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Now only if we can do more episodes than Vegas1404.

    I forgot about cell phone jerks. There was a couple in the same row 5 or 6 seats down that were browsing on their phones. Those are bright in a dark theater. Just go home a-holes.

  3. Hi guys: MrsMMars here (AKA The Cat Lady) and I wanted to say congrats on your show, and say that I finally got around to listening to the whole show. It's not the worst podcast I've ever listened to. I really liked the music critique, and found Y2K's opinions about the music interesting. I too pronounce the word "wolf" as "woof" so I found one more thing to like about Ken!
    I do have 2 small observations about the show:
    #1. The intro music goes on WAAAAAAAY too long.
    #2. The outro music goes on WAAAAAAY too long.
    Other than that (and the fact that I skipped over some of the poker talk, because I don't get it) I will listen to as many shows as you guys produce. Well done, gentlemen! You too, Patch! ;-)

  4. CatLady again...oops, obviously I shouldn't drink wine & post. I meant to put the above comment under the 1st show. Sorry about that.
    I listened to the 2nd show today, WAAAY better than the first. I really enjoyed the music section--are you considering taking suggestions from your audience? Cos I've got a million of them...but I digress. I actually laughed out loud several times. Patch, thanks for clarifying how consuming a cup of coffee causes a 'chain reaction' leading to the SOTW. I have IBS and you're the first person who's ever explained how something you eat will make you immediately go #2. Thank you for that. So-my 'diagnosis' for the show is 'edu-tainment.' Keep 'em coming! And Ken-congrats on reaching Level 1.

  5. I love the fire bet. The only place I've ever seen the fire bet is at O'Sheas... and I always play it, cause I don't want to be standing there helpless when some poser goes on a 12 point run. Sucker bet? Probably. But still a better return than having the O'Sheas leprechaun poor a dirty shot in your mouth.