Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas… Shitter was Full.

Patch shows up late for the show due to an emergency. He owes Y2k an apology, as par usual.

Topics on the day include being the woman in the relationship, MW2 vs. NES, Patch Pop Quiz, pouring one out, pickle diet, Top 5 Christmas movies, crushing kids dreams, Y2k tries a SOTW recommendation, a letter from Dad, expert plunging advice, and naughty or nice.

It’s three coins in a fountain, dumbass.

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  1. Hey, show's gettin' better and better! Also, don't know if you got my reply to you on the TAI forum, but I'm addressing the mono/stereo issue for the next podcast...been buggin me for a while. Keep up the good work. --- T.A. Rando

  2. I'm finally getting caught up on all my podcasts. Still don't have my internet installed here in England, been over a month and they still say it won't be ready until the 8th of Feb SFML! Appreciate you throwing my tanker avatar in your game, it was a nice surprise. Love the podcast and the 509 references, makes me miss home. -El Capitan

  3. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. Glad you like the show. Let us know if there is anything you would like to hear on future episodes.