Friday, September 3, 2010

Ambiance Set on Fennville

SFYL sound guy.

Topics on the day include Team SFYL fishing report, a professional camper settles the firewood controversy, Adams: Beyond the Limit, last non-vegan meal, massage tilts, Habano Burnin' One Down, and yet another UTTALUCKCON activity announced.

Next year, ROAD TRIP!

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  1. Burnin' One Down Cigars:
    Y2k - Rocky Patel Vintage 99 Connecticut
    Patch - Partagas Serie D NÂș4

  2. Hey, I got a SFYL Tech Support problem. I'll soon be using just my iPhone for internet access and am trying to get all the shows I listen to into my podcast player. iTunes doesn't work for this because you can't subscribe from your iPhone and downloading every time is a pain in the ass. So, what's the RSS feed for SFYL so I can plug it into my podcast app and make it worth the 99-cent purchase price? When I put the RSS Atom feed in it tells me I've subscribed but nothing comes up. Ideas?


  3. Those old metal pump condiment dispensers are mostly a thing of the past. I remember having to take those sumbitches down every night. It was a lot like disassembling a semi-automatic weapon, and I could break one down pretty fast. But they were health hazards, and it was waaaay too easy for some punk to just pull the lid off and do some spitball damage. A few years back, we replaced all the Arby's pumps with the ones on this link. Everything in a sealed bag, with washable plastic and rubber instead of metal. YOu have to get the seal on just right or you're gonna have some hellacious sauce spill in your dining room, but they get the job done. There are apparently McDonalds' systems as well. Behold, the future!


  4. Hey,

    I think thats what i used.


  5. Boom. Nailed it. Good job, thanks.

  6. Thanks for the vine boys! Always fun to get on the show...shoulda stuck around for the wood splitting segment, we still supplement with the wood stove.

    Loved the massage tilts...I always pick the dudes...1 of 2 ladies all the is better for working out the hurts...other is better for relaxing and she kicks ass because she's got the bars on the ceiling for part is that they are all covered by insurance.

  7. Glad to hear you made it to the world of pipe smoking..... A little Cherry Cavendish on a cool fall day.....perfect.

  8. Patch,
    +1 on the pipe. I've been considering the pipe option for a while (not because I have any need to point the stem at people when I talk ... just that packing stogeys for camping/riding/etc. without fucking them up is a pain in the ass), but I figured I needed to be at least 60 before I could make that purchase without being laughed out of the shop. Will check 'em out next time I'm in the smoke-shop.

    Another idea for a Top5 ... following up on your 'Guilty Pleasure' list. "Top 5 iPod Guilty Pleasures" ... the songs you give heavy rotation to on your iPod, but that you would never want to have to justify if anybody scrolled through your lists.