Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honk the S**t Out of Somebody

Have your notebooks ready for Feudcast, there will be a test.

Topics on the day include fishing for a sponsor fulfills Patch's dream, Y2k hauls gear, SFYL certified vegan, getting effed in the drive thru, fruity guilty pleasures, a huge UTTALUCKCON announcement, and burnin' a soldier down.

Think, think, think, think.

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  1. Burnin' One Down Cigars:
    Y2k - OLIVA Serie O Toro
    Patch - CAO The Sopranos Edition Soldier

  2. When I worked at McDonald's (corporate) in Minnesota, I was exclusively in first window, so I just took orders and collected money. I have no knowledge of the ketchup procedures. I can verify the one napkin per item standard, though. We were implored to ask them to super-size and suggest combos under threat of our jobs. I hated doing it as much as you hated hearing it, trust me. Worst of all was the Ronald McDonald House drive around the holidays, when we were required to ask each car if they wanted to donate the extra $1. I've never encountered such hatred from such cheap bastards. Just pay the's for damaged kids.

    My experience with Arby's depended on the company I worked for. Corporate gave free sauces, but the franchises I worked for had clearly posted signs that stated CONDIMENTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. If you didn't ask for any, you got jack...not even ketchup. There is nothing sadder than an Arby's Regular without Horsey AND Arby's sauce, and lots of both.

    Hope this clears things up...but I suspect not.


  3. I think that counts as a win for me. Thanks Rando.

  4. I don't what the state-of-the-art is for condiments in the States, but here in Canada they only hand out the little packets for drive-through. If you eat inside, you have fill these little thimble-sized dixie-cup things from a hand-pump on a vat-o-ketchup (My #1 Tilt ... pissed off FOR REAL!!) I usually just lay a couple of napkins down on the tray and make me a 'dipping puddle' ... like 'ye olde swimming hole' for your fries!

  5. Patch and Y2K,
    Any chance you can work a few Dominican selections into your Burning One Down segment? I'm heading there in December and need to start my 'research'. We can Cubanos here, so Dominicans don't typically get a lot of attention ... hence, I haven't got a friggin' clue what's out there.

  6. Those ketchup pumps are gross for real. I always made sure my kids cleaned those properly. Most of the time they run some soapy water through them. That is not enough, they have to be taken apart to get the black smelly gunk out.

  7. Curious to see what the the criteria are for making the Family Feud team.

    We also need to come up with a master plan on are we going to manage to do whiffleball, ziplining, M buffet, oggling at M waitresses, and changing tires all in the same day? We need to hire a consultant to itinerize for us.

  8. Playing strong on FACEBOOK and being on whiffleball team for 3 years is a great resume.

  9. Office is patch. Sorry that was my old lady's account. Whoops. Who designed this hacky site.