Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Joshua Twee

Come on Y2k, you're disrespecting the game.

Topics on the day include hanging out with dicks at your wife's work functions, a #12 at the door, Y2k & a listener both play bad, Patch crushes the Top 10, betting baseball with your buddies, and handling Mini Me's "bat".

This lady I live with... DAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!!

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  1. Great show! I listened to it twice. I have been a TAI listener from a couple months in and have been a listener of your show as well. Any chance you can list out the candies from the top 10 candy lists? The last Top 10 list hits close to home for me. I graduated in '94 and listened to alot of music then, and I still do. '90-'95 saw me transition from metal to alternative as my list will show. If you are ever looking for another guest host for a music top 10 let me know!

    Ben, knife! from eh TAI boards.

    so here is my top 10, actually 16, sorry Patch!

    Honorable Mentions
    Live-Throwing Copper-1994
    Oasis-(Whats the Story) Morning Glory-1995
    Wu-Tang Clan-Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 1993

    11. Pantera-Cowboys from Hell-1990
    10. R.E.M.-Monster-1994
    9. Faith No More-Angel Dust-1992
    8. Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusions-1991
    7. Stone Temple Pilots-Purple-1994
    Collective Soul-Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid-1993
    5. Radiohead-The Bends-1995
    4. Alice In Chains-Dirt-1992
    3. Megadeth-Countdown to Extinction-1992
    2. Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream-1993
    1. Metallica-Black album-1991

  2. Thanks for the comments, glad you liked it. We'll let the expert chime in on your music. I almost had Alice on my list, but for Facelift. I know we listened to that one a lot, but I can really only remember "Man in the Box".

  3. Good list....HOWEVER....there's a song on your top #11 that will easily be on my #11 worst songs of all time list. TURBL.

    Xcellent pick with Angel Dust....very underrated.

    I also think Facelift is the superior Alice product. Can't talk now gotta go Bleed the Freak.

  4. Great to see a strong comeback after subjecting us to an hour of Seinfeld quotes last ep. I was surprised to have a good number of matches with the hosts. It's got me dipping into my iPod at work today listening to these awesome albums again.

    I doubt I could compile a top 10 of my own, I'd struggle to get it down to 20. I managed to see a number of those bands live in Oz over the years - Nirvana, GNR, REM, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, FNM off the top of my head. Never saw The Black Crowes AIC or RHCP which still burns me up to this day.

    I'm going against the push for Facelift - it was a great first up album, but falls away a bit at the back end. Dirt was just so dark & powerful all the way thru - just too strong. I remember them playing the shit out of it over the PA at the GNR concert in Sydney circa 1993.

    Ben, great call on STP, FNM & Live, I was surprised none of them could get a spot with some of the shite that was in the lower half of the lists.

    Can't believe Ken had never even heard of Singles! That has to be high in my top 10 movies. Touch me, I'm Dick.