Monday, May 31, 2010

Let Me Buy You a Bagel

He housed it on the way to the car.

Topics on the day include lubing your taint, being a tourist in The City, Top 10 Celeb encounters, pouring some out, our wives' list, and a big announcement.

Is that guy famous? I think he's famous.

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  1. I was at Fry's Electronics on the south strip about two years ago and was headed for the checkout when I saw a crowd of
    people. Turns out they were being kept at a distance so someone important could shop. It was Mike Tyson and a female (who
    wasn't that hot) and they were being assisted by an employee. I headed back near the bathrooms and found my way to the next aisle over to where he was and I ended up about five feet from Tyson. I didn't say anything and just pretended to shop. As I made my way toward the registers one guy was talking to another and said "I wanna get his autograph". I said "Just run up and surprise him...he likes that."

    Also, I was working at the Arby's on Tropicana at Topaz and I took the order of Louie Anderson in drive-thru. Also processed his American Express card. He was driving a sweet Cadillac GTS. He came in one other time to order and had the misfortune of being there when one of our more colorful homeless people was in the lobby talking and barking to herself. He said to me "Is she always like that?" as he took his food and left. Great moment, but I never saw him in there there again.

    The Amazing Rando

  2. One time I saw Carrot Top at Jewbertson's buying orange juice and roiding out on some girl.

    Tommy Dutch

  3. I'm always ready to see Carrot Top and Kathy Lee Gifford in an all-out fight to the death. I'd buy THAT for a dollar.