Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's So Fugazi

If you need me, I'll be drinking beer with the goth kids around back.

Topics on the day include naming dogs after rock stars, sick locker partners, fighting crime in the 509, a voice mail from a nice lady, Top 10 concerts, and needing a backer for a haircut bet.

What's a socialist tool?

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  1. Ah, Har Mar Mall. Such ghetto memories. I worked as an assistant manager at the Arby's/Sbarro across the street from 2000-03. It got a facelift when they put a huge Cub Foods right in the middle of it, but it was always the red-headed stepbrother to the Rosedale Mall not even a half mile away. So what's my point? I don't really have one. Just sayin'.

    The Amazing Rando

  2. I love the Har Mar and I love Randy in Minnesota.