Friday, August 13, 2010

Hook, Line & SUCKER

I don't know who this mystery guest is, but he sure knows his libations.

Topics on the day include topping your non-fancy dog, the Team TAI GM defends his trade, Top 10 drinks, burnin' one down #12 style, and million dollar Dirty Sanchez and Brazilian strip club ideas.

Are you gonna undrop and unblock me now?

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  1. Burnin' One Down Cigars:
    Y2k - ACID by Drew Estate Krush Morado
    Patch - Rocky Patel Sun Grown

  2. I mentioned on my last appearance on the show that I enjoy a cigar now and then, but I know very little about them. Where can I learn about all these fancy terms and such? I'm definitely looking forward to burnin' one down with you guys in Vegas in October.

  3. There are a lot of learning aids for cigars, even for those who can only smoke the cheap machine-mades. You can even find huge bargains online if you know where to look.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, there are a few iPhone apps that have cigar guides and pointers.


  4. BTW when I say "those of use who can only smoke the cheap cigars", I mean ME! I get the cheap cherry-flavored cigarillos for $10 a carton online...

  5. Hey smiteboy. That's just uncalled for. You owe everyone an apology, for real.

  6. Nah. Although I'm both a beer snob and a cigar snob, my financial situation dictates that I slum it for a while. That don't make me a bad person. I'm probably the only person who listens to TAI and SFYL who's not a card player and shuns sports of all kinds. My philosophy don't have to gamble to be a degenerate.

  7. A little gypsy news for the good Doctor!


  8. Heard about this from a Romanian friend. Evidentially lot of them gladly taking money and leaving only to return quickly.

  9. About the wetting of the paper when the cigar canoes (burns unevenly)... Act like you've been there before. Anyone who has ever smoked a blunt with the brothas knows this is the oldest trick in the book. Don't want any of your doobage burning unevenly or too quickly.