Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taint Shot

I'm excited about the butts.

Topics on the day include Y2k gets fired over a Van Hagar Top 3, Patch goes PT cruisin', riding the soccer team pine, Butt Ball 101, illegal fashion choices, the SFYL iPod Fairy, Top 10 wife tilts, burnin' one down, and old TV shows reviewed like new.

Sounds like pops and buzzes from here.

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  1. Burnin' One Down Cigars:
    Y2k - Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne
    Patch - 5 Vegas Gold

  2. Wow, we both got podcast episodes out on the same day! Does this mean we're on the same cycle now?


  3. I just have to say that Y2k is wrong. I try burning through a couple cigars a week and over the last year and a half, the Perdomo Champagne is one of only two that I didn't finish because it was so terrible. I hated everything about that dog rocket. Put it down after about an inch. Give the cinco vegas gold a try, or the new cinco vegas gold marduro (supposed to be pretty good. same intensity but with a deeper flavor). Also give the 5 vegas classic a burn. It's a little stronger, but not bad. It's my favorite everyday cheap cigar. If you're trying to develop your palate, stay away from sweet drinks. They overpower and kill your ability to identify different tastes.

  4. Man, you guys had some fancy-ass rules in the 406 for Butt Ball.

    We called it sting in Arizona and had no outs. Sounds like we missed out on the firing squad.

    All we did was bean each other.

    There was always a game of idiots using a golf ball going on somewhere.

    Can't advise on the schools. Recess duty sucks so I've avoided it well.

  5. punkrawk, I think it will be interesting to see what I think of that cigar after I get some experience. Look forward to getting you on the show to talk more about it.
    Fennville, a golf ball match? There are gonna be some apologies handed out after that game.